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Fabulousness from Stuntkid & Sara X!

Photographs by Stuntkid
Model: Miss Sara X
Wardrobe: Cicatrix Design
Makeup/Styling: Vellum

Gunmetal taffeta asymmetrical skirt with double fan-lacing corset [more photos of this new style of corset coming soon eventually!]

Purple & black corset, bit of an experiment. Soft purple knit with black mesh overlay skirt.

Tiny hat! I originally made this hat as a little joke to myself. I don't really like little hats, they tend to be a bit too EGL for my taste [generally, Gothic Lolita & I don't get along so well. Nothing personal, I just don't get it.] But I made [well, purchased the base and covered it with various fabric-type things] this one anyway, and actually like it. Who knew!
But the photo, I *adore* the photo.

Black & grey FTW.

Tags: cixd, sara x, shoots, stuntkid
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