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Photos from Los Angeles!

I went to Los Angeles a few weeks ago for work purposes [ahem, fabric buying is hard work, I tell ya] and was lucky enough to be able to schedule a shoot with Taslimur the night before I came back to Albuquerque. Incredible shoot at an incredible location with incredible people. I had such a wonderful experience.

Photographer: Taslimur
Models: Kelly In Space and Jessie Schwartz
Make-up by Kat

First two outfits are a continuation of the black&white dye series that has been rumbling around in my head for some time. You probably recognize the jacket and underbust corset from previous shoots. The skirt and overbust corset are new additions, being repeatedly dyed and bleached [in my abused bathtub] the week before. I <3 dye.

The next outfits may also look familiar [or at least parts of them]. Kelly was wearing the Militant Scout fan-lacing underbust with a skirt that was formerly a tent, and has quite a story.
From barjack:
I bought that tent for $29 at Big Lots in 1999.

In the summer of that year it housed myself and 3 of my bandmates at Mesa Verde, CO before hitting the road for a month in a duffel bag. It's seen TX, AZ, NM, CO, UT, WY, CA, OR, WA, and Ontario Canada, and has housed dozens of friends, a couple of foes, countless quantities of drugs and liquor, firearms, and more. It was my means of protection on a 3 week survival trip to Latier/Cabresto above Red River.

The first rainflap was set on fire by a guy named Andy Lafree who doused it in kerosene during a camping trip then preceeded to spill a smouldering bong on it. We felt lucky the tent didn't go up as well. The rear quarter of the main sleeping area has 2 7.62x39 bullet holes in it from an AKM-47 on the first time I ever went camping with firearms and neglected to choose a good backstop for our impromptu shooting range.

In recent history, that tent went with Christina, Elizabeth, Fro, and I to the Jemez Falls, to Jemez ridge with Colin, Steen, and Charlotte, and back home where I gifted it to Charlotte who gave it in turn to Kent.

The "Red Violin" of tents, now apparently a dress!

Indeed! I thought it would make a rather neato skirt. Now with cords and toggles [for length & fluff adjustment] where the poles once went.

Jessie wore the pixel camo underbust corset [with new gianormous zipper, size 9 for any zip connoisseurs out there] and a skirt made from parts of a tactical jumpsuit that looked a bit like that, but with more pockets.

I finally go the chance to look through the disk today and found a lovely surprise. I stood in for a light test at the shoot, and Tas made a slight alteration to my cranium size. I had to make it into a macro. Most likely only funny to me. =]


Additional updates coming with time. I can sew for days with no problem, but sitting in front of a computer for a few hours kills my brain [and back!]. I have sooooo much to post. I can't believe it's almost October already!
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