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Recent[ish] works...

Red buttersoft leather corset with a necklace I made. All I want to do lately is make these necklaces! <3 them.

A fun experiment with color. =] & fan lacing. =]

Leather. Mmmm. Just for my friends over at Peta. A strange construction, due to the treatment of the leather [glossy black on one side, sueded red on the other.]

OMG b00bz. I have awesome customers.

Really interesting corset for a male customer, made to accommodate two different sized breast forms, laces in the front, zips in the back.

Just for fun. =] I like frogs too much, maybe?

A custom red leather based on the first photo posted.

Love the way this corset shimmers, like some kind of brocade mercury.

Last, but certainly not least, what I affectionately named the "Barbie" corset, due to it's pinkness. Totally lined in the pink color seen on the binding. I must remind myself that working with color can be fun. =]

Anyone here going to Convergence 13? Kent & I are taking a vacation [!!] and will be there. So, if you see us, come say hello! Ask me for a fabulous new Moo card. I don't think I will know anyone there, haha. We look something like this:

Yayyyyyyy vacation!
Can any Portlanders recommend fabric stores worth visiting, or perhaps a spectacular pizza joint? Mmmm. Pizza.
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