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Photoshoot with Miss Vanessa & Pat Berrett

From last Monday, for a Japanese Magazine.

Featuring the lovely Miss tequiladaniels, all photos by the [also lovely!] Mr. Pat Berrett.

Vanessa in the 2 layer camo corset with giant cam buckles in the front, and grey taffeta overskirt that has a 4 gauge hook & a buncha D-rings on the back for adjustable train length.

Dork! But I almost blend in. Just not quite.

Red silk brocade corset [made a long time ago] that happens to be up on Etsy, should anyone be interested. =]

This shot has nothing to do with me, but I had to post it anyway, hehe.

So good for me to do fun shoots like these. Lately I'm working a lot, but feeling a lack of creating. Stuff like this helps. =] Always great to shoot with Miss V.
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