Cicatrix Design (cicatrixdesign) wrote,
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A selection from 2009...

Here are a few of my favorite corsets from 2009!

A custom order for a wicked cool client. Heavy duty busk, stripe suiting fabric with grey bone casings and binding, double back fan-lacing.

Another neato custom order. The base fashion fabric was taken from the client's favorite shirt [which was giving out at the seams], with iridescent pink/blue dupioni for the bone casings and binding. I used part of the original pocket to make a little interior pocket. Also with purple grommets, and a pink/blue iridescent silk ribbon.

A corset that has been rolling around in my head for well over a year before I got the chance to make it. Super soft ivory and blue lace on top of ivory silk dupioni. Antique gold grommets in front and back.

Purple silk dupioni that I originally made for myself, but it doesn't match my blue hair, haha. This year I fell in love with heavy duty busks. I want to use them all the time.

I just loved this pinstripe, and thought it could use some lapels.

Now I seem to be having technical issues, so part 2 will come along later. There might even be men's tailoring!
Tags: 2009, corsets
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